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Law Group «Pravo»

Welcome to the «PRAVO» Law Group site!

The Law Group is presented by a team of lawyers and attorneys. We have a considerable number of consultative projects implemented and court disputes settled.

We are always ready to assist you with prompt, effective service.

Our team consists of experienced professionals who are always ready to offer direct personal attention to find the most effective solution for your case.


Areas of practice:

• Agriculture;

• Corporate experience;

• Unfair Competition;

• Mergers & Acquisitions;

• Antitrust & Regulatory;

• Compliance and Anticorruption;

• Dispute Resolution and Litigation;

• Land & Construction;

• Finance & Banking;

• Corporate & Labor;

• Legislative Drafting;

• Insurance & Healthcare;

• Labor Law;

• Energy;

• Intellectual Property;

• Capital Markets;

• Information & Technology;

• International Trade and Customs;

• Telecoms.

For individuals:

• lawyers and attorneys; legal services in Cherkasy region and other regions of Ukraine;

• land and property rights (shares) in the agricultural sector;

• civil disputes (protection of property rights, debt collection, insurance, accidents, etc.);

• employment and housing disputes (reinstatement,salary claims, recovery of wages, occupancy, eviction, recognition of rights, etc.);

• family disputes (divorce, determination of the child support and upbringing, termination of parental rights, etc.);

• assistance in obtaining heritage (renewal terms, recognition of ownership by inheritance, etc.);

• criminal procedure.

For legal entities:

• customer service for legal entities;

• allocation of property shares (property systems), solution of the complex land disputes (agriculture);

• commercial disputes (receivables and payables, debt losses, property disputes, etc.);

• corporate disputes;

• tax disputes.

We look forward to having more opportunities to assist you in your business endeavors in Ukraine. Please feel free to contact us.

Sincerely yours,

Alexey Shamov
Ludmila Gritsenko
«PRAVO» Law Group
Universitetska St., 33/4

Alexey Shamov
+380 (63) 577-11-88

Alexandr Leschinskiy
+380 (67) 423-20-30

Sergey Brus
+380 (96) 432-77-91

Ludmila Gritsenko
+380 (67) 218-37-23

Tatyana Zhuk
+380 (97) 308-42-91
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