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Child support in Ukrainian

We should also pay attention to the child support (CS). The parent, who lives separately from the child, is required to pay the sum of the child support to another parent (who lives with the child).

The CS may be paid voluntarily (basing on an agreement between the parents), or the payments may be forced by the court decision.

The amount of support in Ukraine for one child may not be less than 30% of the minimum subsistence level for a child of appropriate age (about 20€ per month). Amount of the child support, fixed by a voluntary agreement, depends only on the financial status of the payer.

In case of the judicial procedure, the upper limit of the amount of the child support may be set by taking into account the financial position of the payer , but the sum cannot be much higher than an average level of the child support in Ukraine: in very rare cases it can reach 100€ in foreign currency equivalent. The court often use the formula ”1/4 of all income,”. For example, if the income of the payer is 200€, the amount of support for one child may be 50€.

Despite the fact that all cases are individual, we are always ready to offer the most effective solution for your case.

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